Boek: The Trade Marketing Dimension

The Trade Marketing Dimension was written for commercial professionals in the Consumer Goods industry, their retailer-counterparts and others in the chain, as well as academicians; a must for those who need a practical and realistic marketing model in planning their business targets.Where is my profitable sales volume? Which selling channel or retailer has my brand-building target customer, and will they offer me collaborative opportunities? Three simple questions: the basis of Trade Marketing.The Trade Marketing Dimension is a most timely book, brainchild of two trade marketers combining 20 years’ experience sailing in channels where consumer goods move. It tells of the sweeping revolutions changing the retail landscape forever: retailers grow super-sized, their store labels muscling famous brands off the shelf; busy shoppers turning unpredictable, zapping through new channels in search of value and convenience.

Experienced retail consultant, column writer, lecturer and co-founder of the Dutch Trade Marketing Association. Ron Cijs is Director Strategy of Pluspoint, a retail strategy and communication agency.A longstanding marketing professional swith national and international experience, Herwin van den Berg was proclaimed ‘Marketeer of the Year’ in 2007 based on his outstanding Trade Marketing & Marketing Concepts. The former Marketing Director at Heineken Netherlands recently joined BST Company as a Managing Partner, where his own brands and investments are keeping him busy. Te koop bij

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